Xbox Repair & Service Center Philippines

Microsoft Philippines
8th Floor 6750 Ayala Office Tower,
6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati City,
Philippines 1200
Telephone Number : +63 2 859 0505

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  1. ask ko lang po sana kasi may xbox 360 ako last ko syang nagamit is 3years ago hindi ko alam kung natuluyan syang nasira kasi ginamit ko yumng xbox direct walang transformer umusok lang yung saksakan pero hindi yung xbox 360 ko tanung ko lang maayos pa ba ito or hindi na

  2. Ung power supply ko ng XBox360 naidirect ko sa saksakan hindi ko naidaan sa Voltage regulator, umusok ung power supply, marerepair pa kaya ito. Pls. answer. Email:
    110V lang ito galing Canada.

  3. xbox one no signal output ng hdmi
    May power na man lahat sa unit controller kenect at check and test ko na hdmi cable ok na man.paano po ang reset nito.

  4. My Xbox 360 console power button is showing red color light. I tried to have it fixed but they said that it’s the board that is defective. Can you help me fix this issue? Where can I send my unit? What’s the address of your service Center?

  5. My son’s Xbox One will not eject discs. He has tried the method of turning the unit off and then back on…does not work. He has also done the manual removal by putting a paper clip in the “hidden hole” but that is no longer working as well. Can this be repaired and what would be an estimate for this service?

  6. I just recently bought an xbox one s already ore uodated.. May problema lang pag install ng game it needs internet fir few uodates before i can play it. Game is forza horizon 3 and fifa 17

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