Xbox Repair & Service Center Philippines

Microsoft Philippines
8th Floor 6750 Ayala Office Tower,
6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati City,
Philippines 1200
Telephone Number : +63 2 859 0505

44 thoughts on “Xbox Repair & Service Center Philippines”

  1. Same as mine, battery leakef at tte controller pls.advise where can I bring it for repair here in the phillipines? Your immediate response is truely appreciated.thanks

  2. I bought the xbox360 in US and my son plug his xbox 360 at 220v. Do have a list of service center in Philippines so Ican have it fixed? Thanks

    1. mine had same case as yours… but not sure which part was damaged…

      have you had yours checked and fixed? where and how much?

  3. So have all your inquiries been answered? I plan to buy an XBOX One S but it worries me that there is no nearby service center unlike Sony which is nationwide.

  4. How do i fix my xbox 360
    Problem:My xbox 360 Won’t read any discs
    Example i placed call of duty blackops 2
    But! Its just kept on saying unrecognized disc

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