Wow Videoke Repair & Service Center Philippines

#1081 EDSA Balintawak, Quezon City, Philippines
Tel Nos: (632)361-9450, (632)361-9547 local 810 or 881
Magic Jack no.: +1 2392574961
Email address:
TeleFax: (632)361-9450 local 857

48 comments on “Wow Videoke Repair & Service Center Philippines”

  1. I have a Wow Videoke Machine. It was on standby for around 6 months but it was unplugged. When i tried to power today, the red light indicator is blinking and the remote control is not functioning. Any idea of the problem?

  2. Good evening!

    Just want to inquire if what are the stores in the Philippines where I can buy remote control for TKR-301 magic sing. Original remote control was already not repairable due to corrosion on the PCB so need to replace the remote control. Thanks.

  3. Gudpm! Pnagawa ko po ung Wow Videoke premium ko. Wala naman daw po sira. Blinking lng ung red light. Sabi ng electronics for re program na daw ng firmware. Saan malapit ko po ky pwedeng dalin? Imus Cavite po ako.

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