Transcend Repair & Service Center Philippines

Transcend Repair & Service Center Philippines
Transcend has always been a customer driven company, we focus our efforts on providing the highest quality products with attentive after sales service and support, that ensures total customer satisfaction.
Telephone Number : 02-475-1431

17 comments on “Transcend Repair & Service Center Philippines”

  1. Hi, I bought a new external hard drive and my hard drive can’t be read why? help? where can I find a warranty center and service center for transcend external hard drives in the Philippines?

  2. Hi,My external hard drive can’t be read or recognized.where can i find a service center fot trascend external hard drives in the philippines?

  3. Helo, my external drive cant be read anymore.. i dont why.. do you have a service center here in cebu City… Please help me coz it contain a lot of files which are important to me..

  4. The same with others my 1 tb external Hd cannot be read by my pc or laptop we bought it last december in dubai…help pls…

  5. Hi i bought an external hard drive 1 TB and now it cant be read by my laptop or tv. Any service center in cabanatuan??

  6. Hi. My Storejet 25m3 1TB cannot be opened nor recognized anymore. i tried plugging it to another computer and it didnt work anyway. May i know where to fund transcend service center in manila?

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