TDK Repair & Service Center Philippines

119 East Science Avenue,
SEPZ, Laguna Technopark,
Binan, Laguna, Philippines
Phone: 63-49-541-3141
Fax: 63-49-541-3140

20 comments on “TDK Repair & Service Center Philippines”

    1. Ser pdeh paayuz yung headset kuh blototh ayaw na na kc mag chard magkanuh bayad… Quezon city kc akuh na area…

  1. I’m looking for TDK Service Center, can you give me any information where can I bring my blutooth speaker for repair? I am located in Cavite.

  2. do sell battery for tdk trek flex a28 model? where can i buy this? do uou have a service center in las pinas or paranaque

  3. My suggestion to all buyers of TDK products, do not buy their products bec they do not have repair center anywhere in the Philippines. I just contacted their number in Laguna and had confirmed this one.

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