Diana Y. Mariano (anonymous)

Good Day,

I would like to raise my complain regarding the services we received from Union Motor Paco branch regarding my car that I sent for repair thru insurance claim last July 15 2017. We claimed it thru our insurance last May so prior to sending the car to the service we have approved LOA and parts to be replaced already ordered.

Upon checking the internal damage of the car, they immediately ask for re-visit from  the insurance (FPG) 13 days after finally July 28 it was visited and another LOA was issued August 3 for additional repair. We’ve been calling our insurance advisor Ver Duray but it’s a challenge to get a hold of him so we seek assistance from Ms. Ellen, I’ve been in contact with Ms. Ellen for updates since we hope that the car will be finished earlier than scheduled because we prepared advance prior to bringing the car,  it’s just so happen that the additional claim took some time to be approved.

I myself made a personal follow up so that the additional LOA will be approved. Yesterday after 5 days 2nd LOA was issued, I called Ms. Ellen asking if I can get the car she said that yes the car can be released but the horn is not working. They said that they found rust in the relay and it needs to be checked further. She promised to call me before end of office hour yesterday. However no one from them tried to give updates, I called around past 1 PM today asking for updates and the lady who answered my call said that she will ask Ms. Ellen for a return call.

I was waiting till past 2 pm but to no avail no calls from them so I took the initiative to call and ask for updates. But then again they said that they don’t have available fuse, so they can’t change the old ones I told them they could’ve informed us as I am willing to buy from the outside car accessory shop what is needed just so they can fix my horn that was clearly broken during the service because my horn is perfectly working when I sent the car there last July 15.

And  she said she already ordered thru their purchasing so I asked her when can I get the unit she said she can’t commit because she can’t tell when the parts will be available as it is Purchasing department’s responsibility regarding availability of parts. This is totally unacceptable when clearly they don’t provide the service they should be giving to clients, I was the one who made the follow up for my LOA. I am the one extending extra mile to call for updates as most of the time it’s hard to reach them and if you ask for a return call don’t expect one.

This should be addressed and should not be taken for most importantly if you give value to your clients.

I am just asking when can I get my car whose been sitting there since July 15 specifically 26 days.

I myself will not get unit from that dealer as I only have bad experiences with them. I hope that this issue will not happen to your other clients.


Sincerely yours,

Diana Y. Mariano

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