Inquiry on medical grade printer, specs and price list

Glenda (anonymous)

Hi. I am planning to start a business that is focused on medical/hospital, specifically the xray dept. The digital xrays in the medical field have been printing xray images using printers and photo paper which are already acceptable by the radiologists reading the results.


I would like to inquire if you have a machine that will fit the requirements as such machine will feed A4 photopaper with a thickness of 200 to 230 gsm. And this is solely for the purpose of printing graphic images (whole page, more on black, gray and white colors), hi speed capacity printer that can print whole page for less than half a minute.


I will be needing your input, specs, and price list you may find fitting to these requirements. Also, I would like to inquire what will be the process in case the machine needs repair. Does it also come with a warranty?


I hope you can give me insights and more information on these. You may contact me through these mobile numbers: 09360211790/09474483579.

Thank you and more power.



Kind regards,


Glenda Cuebillas

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