Sennheiser Repair & Service Center Philippines

Audio-Video Solutions Corporation
Unit 3301 33rd Floor Atlanta Center
#30 Annapolis Street Greenhills,
San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel: (632) 724-6902
Fax: (632) 724-7079

30 comments on “Sennheiser Repair & Service Center Philippines”

  1. Good morning i bought sennheiser bluetooth from saudi arabia .now i was spending my vacation here in bluetooth headset the left side hearphone is not working…i was surprise why it was not working without any damaged i was care alwas this headset but instantly not working.what is the problem for this.wc is only left side speaker only not is possible to repair?so that i can go tou repair center.thank you & hoping for the responce…

  2. Hi, I’ve a wireless microphone senheiser. It fell and its quality is affected. Good m from zambo city. Do you repair, how do we send it? Tnx

  3. Hi, I have a Momentum true wireless, and the left earpiece stopped working. Where can I send it for repairs? Please reply asap. Thanks

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