Sansui Repair & Service Center

Sansui Repair & Service Center
Room 1086 V Soliven Building Edsa 1500
Contact Number : 02 7262697 / 02 7249645

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  1. Protector light always ON and smell like burning inside,my unit model Sanui AU-D7 Integrated Amplifier.power supply DC and -DC ok where I’m going to start checking is it in power transistors ? I need your help pls.

    Thanks !

  2. i have sansui au-x117 from japan and it plug to 220v, is this repairable and how much it will cost.

    please help me out

  3. Good morning, sir. We own a sansui turntable. Its full name is sansui silent synchrotor system xr-q7 computerized fully automatic turntable. We have not used it for years now and we wish to revive it as a remembrance from my dad. It has power when plugged in and the table turns but when we put on the disc it stops turning. Does it need cleaning or new parts, or something? We hope you can help. We live in iloilo city. How do we send the turntable to you?

  4. Hi,

    I have Sansui S-X1070 Stereo receiver (bit uncommon receiver) all works well beside the tuner section, There is no “FM STEREO” light. FM stereo dosent work, only mono. AM (MW) dosent work too. I think due to the age ( around 1980s) i am no expecting original parts, if you could fix it get running the FM (Stereo)-AM radio that would be great help. It need to have professional service touch.




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