Panasonic Repair & Service Center Bacolod Negros

Lacson Ext.
Magsaysay Ave.
Bacolod City
Negros Occidental
6100 Tel:(034) 708-0834; 435-1422
Fax:(034) 435-1422

EMCOR, INC. (Luzuriaga ,Bacolod Branch)
#32 Door 1 Luzuriaga San Sebastian St. Brgy # 37 Bacolod City Negros Occidental
6100 Tel:(034) 434-2040
Fax:(034) 434-2040

17th East Lacson St.
Bacolod City Negros Occidental
6100 Tel:(034) 433-2028; 709-9628
Fax:(034) 433-2028

2 comments on “Panasonic Repair & Service Center Bacolod Negros”

  1. Took a Dvd player to these people a few months ago, The player was skipping and pausing so we took it in. After two weeks we called them and they had no still had idea what was wrong with it or able to provide a estimate. They suggested we call back in a couple days. After 18 days we called again and once again no idea. After 3 weeks we called back and they said they were waiting for us to call them as they finally had a estimate. I asked them why they were waiting for us to call them if they had information and a estimate since we left contact information when we dropped it off.
    No response as to why they didn’t contact us or why it took them 3 weeks to provide a estimate.
    Asked numerous times and all you get is the standard “Sorry for the inconvenience” over and over.

    The Estimate was 1400p for replacement of the optical head, I asked them if they had tried cleaning the head first and they said yes they had tried that. They asked if i wanted to go ahead with the replacement of the head and i declined as i can buy a new Dvd player for around the same price as their supposed repair.
    Picked up the Player from them the next day and decided to open it and clean the optical head myself. The inside had dust on the inside consistent with never being opened or cleaned before, Took 5 minutes to open the case and brush the head with a Qtip and put it back together. The Dvd player has now worked for 2 months with no problem.

    This company cheats everyone who drops off anything to be checked out, I believe they never do anything without charging their customers for some fake repairs and they decide what is wrong and provide estimates without ever looking at the appliance just based on the problems the customer describes when they drop it off.

    If you like being cheated then take your appliances there.

  2. I should add that we took it to HQ PANAVISION ELECTRONICS PARTS & SVC CENTER-BACOLOD as i see there are 2 other service centers listed as well.

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