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  1. Battery Draining Fast

    Is there any way to test if my battery is still in good condition? I just noticed that my phone gets hot and battery is draining too fast, it does not last a day compared before. When I put my phone inside my bag, it usually gets hot and I end up having a dead battery within a day. Do you think VOOC charging somehow affects battery life, it was just 2 or 3 months since I got my find 7a phone and I am already experiencing this issue, please advise. Thanks in advance!

  2. I am currently using neo r831k . I have bought this only last two months.

    pictures in my gallery kept disappearing, especially the ones on the bluetooth and downloads . I tried asking the store where I bought this (media box in sm north annex) and they sait’s just because I haven’t updated it yet , so I did updatw it and they assured me that it won’t happen again . it did . at this point I thought that my sd card was actually the problem since i save all pictures in my sd card . so I bought a new one , but made sure to save a backup just so it happens again . but it kept disappearing . I went to the newly opened oppo outlet in sm north annex and asked why my phone is behaving like so . the person who assisted me said that I might have a virus in my sd card , to which I answered that I am pretty sure I don’t . he said that probably I did . then I asked him that maybe my unit is defective and if I could have it replaced by the same unit . he said that it’s not defective . I am pretty frustrated at this point so I left . then a friend suggested that I should reset my phone because a certain app may be causing this , so i did . my photos did not disappear for weeks so I thought everything was alright . but unfortunately, just a while ago after downloading a few pictures , my old ones disappeared . again . I am really irritated that this keeps in happening .

    can you help me on this one ? can I replace my unit with a properly working one ? or can I just stop paying for this and return the unit ? because I don’t want to spend money in something that doesn’t even work properly . please reply and thank you in advance.

  3. I can’t download anything even if I have spaceon my storage,,theres something pop up that I have insufficient space on my storage. And my phone getting hot even if I have short call. Can you please take an action about this matter or I will bring back the unit that works properly.

  4. i dropped my oppo neo and my screen was cracked but still running..wer is ur service center here in pampanga or manila and how much it cost and for how long? thank you very much in advance guys

  5. How can i fix this.. cant sent to only four digits like 8888 , my sim card is not a problem . If i insert my simcard to other divice , nag sesend nmn to register my lo

  6. I have an R831k unit i bought 5 months ago and now i have problem with charging it, Its not charging anymore, can u help me with this please, thanks

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