Onkyo Repair & Service Center

Onkyo was established in 2005. It develops and manufactures audio-visual equipment. During its early years, it used the phonograph to make a debut in the market. Nowadays, the company releases high-end gadgets like the products in its Hi-Fi series. The items in this line feature the Dynamic Intermodulation Distortion Reduction Circuitry.


  • Address: 5th Floor, Toyama Group Center 22 Timog Avenue, Quezon City 1103 Philippines
  • Phone: +63-2-355-7777
  • Fax: +63-2-352-7388

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  1. I have onkyo av receiver model TX SR313 and having problem with blutooth. Also front A left speaker not working. Please advice. Tnx & regards.

  2. my HT-R548 did not work the sound it is just stop the sound while we are playing vedioke. ill try to use speaker B it’s work then suddenly it stop also NO SOUND but power still on.
    please give me advice what to do.

  3. Dear, please help my Onkyo subwoofer with model no. SKW-558 not working, power is working but no sound from my onkyo amplier HT-R558, please need your assistance

  4. Hello! When I power on my Onkyo AV Receiver Model no.HT-R592 , it just work for a second then turns off. I operated it both through the remote controll and manually on its power button in the front panel the result is the same. It just powers on for a second and cannot continue to move on and then shuts off. I inspected visually to find for any loose connection or burned component but can’t find any. What may be the cause of this. I bought this unit two years ago in UAE. Please kindly advise me on what to do. Hope to hear feedback from you soon. Thank you.

  5. Hi. My TX-NR626 does not give a video output via Main HDMI out. I already tried resetting the system several times but still does not give me a video signal to my TV. Instead I used optical cable to send the TV audio to the receiver. It worked fine initially. However, after i tried again the following day, my receiver shuts down on its own. Thinking that it might just be an overload, I removed the bi-amp cables on my speakers and fixed back the bus bars and went on to reset the system again but still the receiver keeps tripping.

  6. Hello, I have ONKYO AV receiver model HT -R592 the problem is no output noise even one single speaker no sound but the connection all done and setting also…please advice what is the problem….

  7. I think my Onkyo TX SR504 has a grounded switch. Every time i switches the unit on and off it suddenly goes to pure sound setting that required to switch the unit to desired setting. Can you fix this amp? I think it is the only problem because the 7 amplifiers and surround settings are working perfectly.

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