Nikon Repair & Service Center Quezon City

Columbia Digital Star Corp
129 Gregorio Roxas Street, San Francisco Del Monte,
Quezon City, Metro Manila.
Right in front of Sienna College.
Telephone: 3650892
or Call: 3661873
or Call: 3635315
Fax: 3668266 or 3637465

10 comments on “Nikon Repair & Service Center Quezon City”

  1. cannot format memory card. card may be defective. insert another card ayan po ung problem ko bumili ako bagong memory card ganyan p din po yung lumabas

  2. Got Err issues on my Nikon D90. Apparently the problem is “stucked Mirror”, just my guess.
    Can I send the camera body to your for repair and also for general cleaning (including sensor)?


  3. To columbia Digital Star Corp,

    What is your email address. I like to send my Nikon D90 for fixing “Err” and general cleaning including sensors. I like to your how much do you charge for this.

    Thank you

  4. Hi I have a problem with my Flash, It wont pop up. I also cant use my external Flash. Do you also clean cameras and lenses? if so how much does it cost?

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