Mitsubishi Repair & Service Center Zamboanga City

Zamboanga Motors, Inc.
Veterans Avenue, Zamboanga City
(062) 991-2199 / 991-2138

2 comments on “Mitsubishi Repair & Service Center Zamboanga City”

  1. Good day sir, the problem of my pajero is when i started the aircon it will not last long in few minutes the battery will goes low and finally a few minutes it will stop battery is dead. i try to start with aircon is off it will charge and it will last long once the aircon started it will reduce the charging capacity until the battery is dead.

    Also i would like to inquire about steering its leaking how much it cost if i will bring it there to rectify it. and what about overhauling how much it cost? or if just to replace packing how much it cost? the main engine oil comes out i think from the top or bottom.

    thank you

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