Mitsubishi Repair & Service Center Subic Bay

Carworld, Inc. – Subic
Lot C-8, Subic Bay Gateway Park,
Phase 1 Commercial Area,
Subic Bay Freeport Zone
(047) 250-0808

2 comments on “Mitsubishi Repair & Service Center Subic Bay”

  1. Back Job – always… “useless” having service in SBMA Mitsubishi Car World. Waste of PM and time. If you service your Vehicle here – be ready to come back and forth. Missing Bolts and Nuts. 1 mechanic per unit – takes a long long time to conduct PMs, Vibrating Air Intake, Loose Bolts and so on, and so on. Not like other Car Company Service Centers (Once your unit is done… No more problems, Just keep driving and keep the Gas filled) . That’s’ why, we call it CASA Service – All Genuine and Professionally done.

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