Mitsubishi Repair & Service Center Bajada Davao City

Karasia, Inc – Bajada
Km. 5 J. P. Laurel Ave., Bajada
Davao City
(082) 222-1111 to 14

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  1. Hi

    I have a Mitsubishi L200 1993 Model that requires a new shock absorber on the drivers side. The vehicle also needs the steering looking at (possible loose couplings) a new water bottle and motor for the screen wash and new wiper blades. Can you let me know when you would be able to take a look at it, approx time and cost to fix the above.

  2. Hi
    I have a Mitsubishi adventure super sports model 2009 and I lost my my remote control is there any possible I can order a new one and how much it cost and how long the order we can get.Thanks

  3. My montero sports 2011 has been overheating sometimes for about a month now. It’s losing water. We just add water & it’s okay again. Last time it overheat, the engine stopped. Since, malapit n kmi sa bahay, I just added water. Nung lumamig ng kaunti, umandar nmn. Kaso, tumataas pa rin ang temp. Nung nasa garahe na, I let the engine ran, I even increased the rpm to about 1000, until the temp normalized. But, suddenly the engine stopped & would not start anymore. So, I cleaned the air cleaner & changed the fuel filter. But, still it would not start. Im afraid the turbo broke down because of the overheating. Because just before it stopped, it was emitting too much smoke, but the color is bluish-white. How much is your charge if I ask for one of your mechanic to check it? My location is Camella Mintal. Thanks sa reply..

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