La Germania Repair & Service Center Naga City

La Germania Repair & Service Center Naga City
Zone 4, Concepcion Grande Maharlika Highway,
Naga City
Tel.: (054) 472-5147
Fax: (054) 472-8932

5 comments on “La Germania Repair & Service Center Naga City”

  1. Hi! I was trying to contact you but the number you have posted here just keep on ringing…Need to repair the la germania gas range i purchased that never been used yet but when we try to use it the ignition wont work. I purchased the item in abenson leg and i reported my concern already and they told me that they email the receipt together with the report at your end. I badly needed for you please to do something with it. I am hoping to hear from you this week and i want you to please check on the item this week.

  2. i need a repair for my la germania oven. oven door spring did not work.
    address is no.8 zone 3 san jose pili cam sur. my name is alberto nolasco contact no. 09294059413.

  3. My burner cap cap was deformed. Its now hard to start and its noisy when in use. The fire gets off too even not being turned off

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