La Germania Repair & Service Center Davao

La Germania Repair & Service Center Davao
J.P. Cabaguio Ave., Agdao,
Davao City
Tel.: (082) 226-4804
Fax: (082) 221-6876

9 comments on “La Germania Repair & Service Center Davao”

  1. Been calling La Germania Repair & Service Center Davao here in Davao since last year. The answer you get from them is always, we will schedule you this week which will never happen. Tried the following week, same response. The next week after, just the same. Kept telling them that how many times do I need to call to get our La Germania fix. You get a lot of lame and stupid alibis!!! If I won’t get a response on this post this week, trust me you won’t like what’s gonna happen next!!!

  2. you company really sucks i emailed you left you messages and you never called or message or emailed me you might as well close your store down

  3. Do you have a plastic cover for the bulbs on a N3601ss cooker hood please.! ? Burned ? Please reply to my e mail Thank You
    Am based in Maa.Davao

  4. I need a set of burners of my cooking range ,the model no is
    EL 83 ,now I am in India and using it from 1983 , I bought from Singapore.
    Is it possible to to get thanks

  5. I’ve always found the service people in Cagayan de Oro very helpful and friendly – and they come forty km to us.

  6. can i order burner top plates of 4 burners for model SL804030. please reply me on how to avail it so i could make arrangements. thank you & God bless

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