Kyowa Repair & Service Center Philippines

Kitchen Beauty Marketing Corporation
Room 1203, State Center Building
333 Juan Luna St. Binondo Manila
Telephone Number : 242-1731 to 35
Fax Number : 242-2236

116 comments on “Kyowa Repair & Service Center Philippines”

  1. San ko po pwedeng ipagawa ang kyowa single stove ko nag eexess yun apoy sa gilid ng burner medyo nakakatakot ng gamitin.

  2. Bkt po gnun ung kyowa q kw-3322 ndi po nag iilaw ng sbay ung taas at baba? S cmula po mag iilaw xa nga ilang minutes lng tpos ndi n nag oopen ult. Pag baba lng po ok nmn. Pag taas po ok din. Pero pag sbay up and down po ung light ayw umilaw. Tinry q din po ung my rotisserie ayw din po umilaw ung up and down.

    1. My kyowa electric kettle has stopped working. There’s still light but no longer boils water. What’s wrong with it?

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