Kolin Repair & Service Center Philippines

Kolin Repair & Service Center
KOLIN Bldg., EDSA cor. Magallanes Ave.
Makati City 1232
Tel.: (632) 852-1531 to 37
Fax: (632) 852-4791 or (632) 852-2170
Customer Service: (632) 851-2711/12/15

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  1. Good morning
    I had hard time calling all these nos. publish in my warranty sheet. These are (02) 852-1531 up to 37.

    I would just like to ask for an assistance to have my 2 units schedule for cleaning, it was purchased last Dec. 2017.

  2. Good day and Happy New Year:

    I purchased my two (2) Kolin Window Type Units from Poweraire last May 2018.

    I would want to have these units scheduled for cleaning please.

    I am having hardtime contacting the numbers indicated above hence I settled posting this message. Kindly pm or email me with your reply.

    Thank you.

  3. I would like to schedule a cleaning of our window type inverter aircon. Am having a hard time connecting to 8526868

  4. Hello. I purchased my Kolin window-type 1HP inverter aircon unit from SM Sta.Mesa Appliance Center.

    I cannot reach any of your hotline numbers. I would like to have my aircon unit cleaned, and I want you to check its digital display.

    The aircon unit itself is working fine, but the digital display lights up when manually pressed, but then the lights/display go out again after 2 seconds. The filter button also does not seem to respond at all. But the cooling works, just the digital display.

    Please get back to me soonest. PM or email me your reply. My home is in V.Mapa Santa Mesa.

    Thank you and looking forward to Kolin Service Center’s prompt response and action.

  5. I have been trying to call you for the1 week, no one is answering any of my calls in all your hotlines and numbers. I need service cleaning for my Kag-150. This is urgent. Kindly contact me asap.

    Charlet Abrea

  6. Based on the other messages here, I see I’m not the only one experiencing the invalid numbers above.

    Anyway, I would like to schedule aircon cleaning for 6 units: 2 split, 4 windows type as soon as possible pls. Thanks.

  7. I’ve tried contacting all of the numbers posted here for a few days now but NONE of it was answered..we purchased this window type aircon last december 2018 and now i think it needs cleaning. Where do we contact you guys exactly? Please give us an answer…you can email me anytime. Thank you!

  8. Been trying to call but no one answer..

    We urgently need your service.

    Please contact us back..
    And hoping for a quick response.

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