Kolin Repair & Service Center Philippines

Kolin Repair & Service Center
KOLIN Bldg., EDSA cor. Magallanes Ave.
Makati City 1232
Tel.: (632) 852-1531 to 37
Fax: (632) 852-4791 or (632) 852-2170
Customer Service: (632) 851-2711/12/15

25 thoughts on “Kolin Repair & Service Center Philippines”

  1. It’s about our KOLIN AC unit in our church. The coil on one of the contactor on the compressor’s panel is burnt out. Where can I buy in the Cavite area. Thanks n GOD bless

  2. Where to purchase a new remote control for the AC? something is broke inside the remote. The remote controller type is Y 512F.

  3. I called your acredited kolin service company few days ago here in bacoor. Their tech came after 2 days and check our 2.5split type aircon and inform me that the freon is only 60% full and thats the reason that it is not cooling satisfactory. I paid the inspection fee and the tech promise to come back to fill up the freon contents to 100% or fill it up. After few days (today) of patiently waiting ang contacting them daily someone from the company call me that the charge is 4800 and if i want it to be reproces. Heaven, i told her that it is too much, i could buy a small window type aircon with that. Is this correct. 4800pesos for charging of freon. She told me that the 350php that i paid would be deducted to the quoted price. I replied to her that i will ask kolin service center office if this is correct.

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