Kenwood Repair & Service Center Philippines

Kenwood Philippines
Sta Cruz, 1003 Manila, Philippines
Phone 0922-8818185 / 0925-8818185 / 0925-8818182

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  1. My kenwood breadmaker motor BM 450 model is misfiring. The mixer gadget started on rotating and would no longer stop. Can it still be repaired? If yes, how much is the labor? Normally parts are billed separately. In my observation this is a case of stuck up or fried control panel because of the frequent heat during the baking period.

  2. I need a Remote Control kenwood lvd-k9200. Do you have this item still available at your end..

    Thanks a lot for replying…

  3. I bought a Kenwood DVD mini component system (Model RXD-DV9) sometime in year 2000 or 2001 at bihira lang gamitin (or matagal din hindi nagamit). For now the component’s DVD as well as its AM-FM features (wala akong mabiling antenna for both AM-FM) are not functioning. I’m from Mandaluyong at saan po yung nearest Kenwood service center?

  4. Hi my kenwood mixer is very noisy whe i usedbit now. Im based in davao city. Appreciate if u can tell me where to check the unit Its owrking fine its just the noise. I wanted to upload the video. But there is no option.

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