Huawei Repair & Service Center Philippines

Unit 102 Jafer Place Bldg., #19 Eisenhower St.,
North Greenhills, San Juan City, Philippines
Open Market, PLDT, Smart, Digital, Globe
Tel: 632-7224307,632-7224064

2D MC ISON Bldg. Ison St. Taytay Rizal,
Open marketing
Tel: 632-6716402

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  1. The P10+ has a different connection port than most android phones. Is there an adaptor that will allow me to connect a dual connection type USB drive instead of using the old method of having to use a computer as the middle man?

  2. may Huawei GR3 2017 accidental po na nabasag yun screen san po service center at magkanu po palit nagagamit pa po salamat..

  3. My huawei phone GR3 2016 purchased international ordered from Saudi. The problem of this phone is that i actually used it for almost today 3 days now, is the usb connector which is i cannot charge..does the warranty covered here even though i bought this abroad through online site?..i do appreciated the respond.thanks in advance

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