Hanabishi Repair & Service Center Cebu

David Sy Gaisano St., Reclamation Area, Cebu City
Tel.# (032) 233-1035Cel. # 0923-7340723

7 comments on “Hanabishi Repair & Service Center Cebu”

  1. Hello! I bought my Hanabishi unit stand fan last May, but unfortunately it was lasted only until July….i had with me the warranty stub…Do i need to bring the whole unit at the repair shop ? or what is the best thing to do to repair my unit? same w my other Hanabish desk fun…pls advise me ..thnx!

  2. I accidentaly broke our hanabishi turbo broiler temperature glass part. Where can we buy one in Cebu City? And how much?

  3. Hello.. Good evening… I buy my washing machine last March 2019,but now it’s not working I don’t know why..what can I do? I really need to repair my washing machine Badly.. . Did you have a service repair at home? Or do I need bring in your service center..? I really need your reply.. Please..

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