Ezy Repair & Service Center

Ezy offers a wide range of consumer electronics. Among its products are refrigerators, speakers, television sets and related accessories. Its products have sleek and modern designs that would suit anyone with a taste for sophistication and practicality. Isn’t that a great combination? All Ezy products are guaranteed to be worth every peso.

Fix and Care Refrigerator Repair
190 Mindanao Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila

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  1. Hello, i go through a kit of comments but no reply at all. Well my EZY tv 55inches few days to be one yr, suddenly the pictures gobe while my husband watching, i dont know what to do. I cant go out coz im sick .Today i had found out that the t.v.was one yr. 3days ago nov. 17,2017. Pls help me.

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