Beats Repair & Service Center Philippines

Beats / Eleksis Service Center
Unit 2, 2/F Home Studio Building
63 Connecticut St., Northeast Greenhills,
San Juan City, Metro Manila 1500
Telephone: (63)570-7353 / (63)570-7354
Fax : 725-9392
Mobile : 0918-9066054

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  1. Greetings, I bought a wireless bluetooth BEATS headset in Australia
    April 2013 which means that they are only 9 months old and should be covered by warranty.
    As with hundreds of other owners it seems the outer plastic on the headset
    snapped, without being subjected to abuse, which makes them pretty much useless.
    Has BEATS recognized that this is a manufacturing fault and are they prepared to replace the faulty part under warranty
    Hoping that you can provide some information for me

    Angelo Littmann

  2. Hi I have a problem with my Beats Solo HD, one of the headset speaker was detached from the headset. The material is too stiff I cannot insert it back in, I know its I minor issue but Im hoping you guys have a resolution for it. TIA!

  3. i got a problem w/ my beats studio.just bought it last 2weeks ago in skagway alaska.but when i came here in philippines a couple of days ago,is not working now maybe busted,but its fully sharge.when i insert the jack,the light turns red which means no battery.i dont know whats happining on it.and theres no service center here in manila.where should i bring it to fix???

    1. This happens to one of my beats too. You may wanna try to do a reset by pressing the power button for exact 2 minutes. This issue happens when you over charge your beats. You can also press the power and mute button at the same time for more than 20 seconds or until the light blink. If nothing happens contact service center to assess. There is power mac repair center located at glorietta 5 makati city

  4. Good afternoon Sir. I have a problem with my Beats Mixr. I broke the bridge(headband) between the two speakers. I know that this is a major problem, hoping that you know any service center here in manila. Thank you.

  5. I would just like to ask if you can fix the headband of Beats Pro Detox. I think the lock with the metal band inside was broken. Please do message me how much the service fee is. Thank you

  6. Hi! I have a problem with my Studio Beats. One of its earcup snapped and lost alignment. Please let me know where I can get it fixed and how much it would cost. Thanks.

  7. My cousin accidentally broke the headband of my beats studio and I’m just curious if you know a service center here in manila? I’m also looking for earpads replacement cause its worn out due to use. hope you can help me

    thanks =)

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